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Oni: Light Control

Oni: Light Control

Color your lights to match your mood

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Oni: Light Control is one of a series of apps made to enhance your lifestyle using existing products. This Windows Phone app allows you to instantly set the color of the lights in your home with supported hardware.

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    set the perfect mood

    Use one of the preset mood, or make up your own. The app features the ability to use a picture, from your phone or camera, as a source for each bulb's color.

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    be vocal

    Exclusive to Windows Phone 8, the app also features excellent native voice command support. Tell your lights what "mood" to set to by saying "Set lights in the bedroom to Dawn" or any other one of your custom moods. See more examples.

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    get the hardware

    Of course, this won't work with your normal bulbs. For Light Control to work you'll need to use supported hardware, such as the Philips Hue Connected Bulbs.