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Uncharted 3 Review: Drake’s just deserts

by staticneuron

posted November 6, 2011 @ 4:59AM
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As soon as the third entry from the stellar Naughty Dog team fires up, any questions or doubts you may have had about the experience they have crafted for you disappears. Much like the intros for the previous titles, you are dropped into a situation that is already unfolding and getting very tense. It is that design choice that has made the appeal so strong for the series. You don't feel as if you are seeing the start of a crafted story, but more like you are getting a third person view into drake's life. That is a magic, created by strong story telling methods, characters that can be related to, and the subtle chemistry that can be felt among the characters instead of having the nuances of the relationships forced upon the gamer.

The story finds Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan in a race against a powerful shadowy organization to find the legendary "Atlantis of the Sands", hidden somewhere in the Arabian desert. It seems as if the organization has connections to both protagonists and is making sure to keep an eye out for drake and sully. Along the way drake gets to make new friends along with reuniting with old comrades to help him get through the mission ahead.

Once again, the design and overall art direction for an Uncharted entry, is simply Jaw dropping. But the stand out features are normally the effects. In the first title, the developers worked wonders to bring fantastic looking jungle scenes and a variety of different incredible water effects to our screens. In the second, the biggest noticeable feat was the work they put into the snow technology. In their current entry, the fire and sand effects are stand out elements that only help to round out the environments. The combination of dense geometry, sharp textures, amazing effects strong design just allows me to say in confidence that this game is most likely one of the best looking game released this generation and I believe many will agree with me. The sound is also fantastic. With a stirring soundtrack and realistic sound effects, this only helps to cement the game as an "experience" instead of being another simply entry for the genre.

Not everything is perfect though with this title. While improvements have been made to the melee and the stealth mechanics, there is a noticeable delay in the aiming movement which makes it difficult to line up shots as quickly and as sure like was possible in the previous entries. It isn't enough to be a deal breaker but something that may occasionally draw your attention away from the story. The movement and climbing remains as great as the experiences provided in the first titles in the series. The multiplayer thankfully does not suffer from the same issue and it is a great thing that it isn't. The gameplay is fast and frenzied as the multiplayer battles were in Uncharted 2. With interesting modes and special bonuses accumulated through out the course of the MP sessions, what ensues next is simply unpredictable. It are these special additions, in the form of purchased perks, that adds onto the solid multiplayer base formed by Uncharted 2.

Recommendation: With a great story, graphics, sound and only a slight issue with the aiming I will say this title is a definite purchase.                

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