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The Elder Scrolls series, developed by Bethesda, is a role-playing game series that has always emphasized freedom. You are free to travel wherever you want, do whatever you want and even kill anyone you want. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, coming soon for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, continues this trend in the series. Skyrim is set in the province of Skyrim, a cold, snowy place mostly inhabited by Nords: strong barbarians who live to fight. As Skyrim comes under attack by dragons, who have not been seen in centuries, it is up to you, the Dovahkiin, to stop this dragon invasion and bring peace back to the land of Skyrim.

Throughout the game you’ll frequently come face to face with dragons, and no location is off limits; dragons can appear while you are exploring a forest, high on a mountain top and, in some cases, can even appear directly in a city. Dragons are in a strength class all of their own; they’ll fly high above you using their fire or ice breath and land to attack you with a flurry of claws and teeth. Each dragon fight will push you to your limit; however, defeat that dragon and his power comes your own, as you absorb his soul to use in earning new powers such as turning invisible or breathing fire on your enemies.

Unlike most role-playing games, at any point during Skyrim you can ignore the main quest and follow your own path. You may join a faction, such as the murderous Dark Brotherhood or the heroic Companions, you may explore the caves and bandit hideouts littered throughout Skyrim or take on a task for a god in exchange for a powerful item. Skyrim features over 100 quests waiting to be found by the adventurous player.

Releasing November 11th, 2011, Skyrim is a game that packs in a lot of content; it is estimated that the average player will take anywhere from 50 to 100 hours to fully explore it all. If you’re looking for an immersive world to sink some hours into, look no further than Skyrim.

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