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MechWarrior Online (Video)

by unt1tled

posted March 6, 2012 @ 2:17AM
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The MechWarrior franchise, appearing on both the PC and Xbox throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s, was, at its core, about pitting large piloted machines called mechs in battle against each other. The MechWarrior games were known for being complex; weapons would overheat, customizing your mech was of the utmost importance and nearly every key or button was used to control your robotic behemoth of death. Due to legal issues, the MechWarrior series fell into obscurity, until now: the upcoming MechWarrior Online is a free-to-play action game set to launch on the PC. MechWarrior Online combines all the aspects fans have come to expect from the series with one major change; now, every mech you’re fighting against is piloted by a human instead of an artificial intelligence.

Because the game is now a free-to-play action game does not mean that it will be dumbed down; the complex elements fans have come to love remains intact. Your mech is completely customizable: you decide what type of weapon to use and where to place it, where your heat sinks go and what optional equipment you choose to bring into battle. Placement of your equipment can turn the tide of a battle; for example, a mech who places their heat sinks in their legs can stand in a pool of water to quickly cool down their mech. Place those heat sinks elsewhere and you won’t receive the benefit.

Likewise, the element of the world you are on plays a big role in your mech’s abilities as well. Cooler environments means you don’t need as many heat sinks, freeing you up for more weapons, while hotter climates cause your thermal sensors to inaccurately track objects.

The action is complex as well; you can fire each weapon separately or altogether and move your legs, torso and arms independently, allowing you to walk one way while shoot in another.

While details are still slim, MechWarrior Online looks to take the free-to-play genre by storm when it releases in the Summer of 2012. Fans of the series and gamers looking for complexity, along with giant robot action, should check it out upon release.

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