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The Ghost Recon series has seen many changes since its inception in 2001. Not only has the setting of each game changed, many times the era of time the game is based in has changed as well. The newest entry to the series, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, keeps the series’ tradition alive; the game is set in an urban environment while being set in the future. Not all things have changed, as the game is still a third person shooter with a heavy reliance on squad based mechanics. However, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, set to come out on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, even looks to slightly alter this mechanic as well.

The biggest change in Ghost Recon Future Soldier is your squad mates; rather than dictate their every move as in past Ghost Recon games, you simply mark the target you want them to eliminate. Thanks to the game’s artificial intelligence, your squad mates slowly move into position, being careful to never alert the enemy, and get the job done quickly and quietly. It’s a refreshing change from games where the artificial intelligence is more of a hindrance than a help and must be babysat at all times. While the game can be play co-operatively online with friends, you may find your friends are not nearly as good as the artificial intelligence!

Ghost Recon Future Soldier also features a great deal of customization. While you only have access to one rifle, this rifle can be customized to a large capacity before any mission. Expect to fight a lot of enemies in close combat? Perhaps modifying your rifle to be more akin to an assault rifle will work. Want to take out our enemies from a distance? Consider modifying your rifle for long range.

In addition to single player and co-operative play, Ghost Recon Future Soldier includes a robust multiplayer component as well. Fans of the Ghost Recon franchise, or third-person shooters in general, should keep an eye out for Ghost Recon Future Soldier on May 22nd, 2012.

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