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Infamous Second Son Review

by phnk

posted March 21, 2014 @ 12:09AM
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While the PlayStation 4 has proven itself successful by selling over 5 million units in only a few months, the console has yet to receive a game that justifies its existence. The previous exclusives were poor to average while the rest of the games the system has received are multiconsole ports and don't fully show off the power of the PlayStation 4. However, that all changes with the release of InFamous: Second Son, the PlayStation 4's first exclusive game that is excellent in all aspects.

If you've played any of the past InFamous games, you know what to expect with Second Son. As Delsin, you play as an anti-hero with a set (or sets, in the case of this game) of superpowers at your disposal in a sprawling open world similar to anything you've seen in the Grand Theft Auto games. Unlike Cole, the previous hero of the InFamous games who (usually) only wielded one power, Delsin is a power conduit with four power sets at his disposal. Don't worry, we won't spoil those powers here, as part of the fun is discovering them on your own in the game right along with Delsin. Each power set is unique, upgradable via skill trees and will affect not only your offensive abilities but also how you traverse about the environment.

You'll need those environment traversing powers because Delsin's adopted city, Seattle, is as big as the real thing. You'll traverse over every inch of the city throughout the games 20 hour story campaign, but completionists can double that length by completing every sidequest and finding every collectible. The story itself is both well written and acted and will enthrall gamers from start to finish, with famous voice actors such as Troy Baker helping bring the characters to life.

Like past InFamous games, Second Son features a return to the “good vs. evil” morality system seen in previous games but in this day and age, the system comes off as outdated. There is no gray area in Second Son, only good to the point of altruism or evil to the point of being so far evil even the devil himself would condone your actions. Powers are tied to your morality level so most players won't even make moral decisions based on what's right or wrong or what the character would do, but rather based on wanting that cool new power. The morality system breaks the immersion of the game and story, and it's time for this outdated system to go.

InFamous: Second Son, being a PlayStation 4 exclusive and one that has had the proper development time necessary to take advantage of the system, is arguably this generation's first graphically standout game. InFamous: Second Son looks gorgeous, especially with the amount of detail that has gone into recreating Seattle. Delsin, along with the other characters in the game, animate smoothly thanks to the motion capture technology. The sounds of Seattle will make you think you're actually there, especially the rain, which any Northwesterner is more than familiar with.

Second Son won't give gamers who weren't a fan of past InFamous titles a reason to try the series again, though. Second Son, for all of its greatness, feels like a better looking, more robust InFamous game and not something new and fresh. Good news for fans of the series, bad news for those who were hoping Second Son would break from the franchise's pattern a bit.

The good news is that InFamous was a great series to begin with and expanding on that greatness worked in Second Son's favor. The game plays and looks amazing and if you own a PlayStation 4, this is the first title that will truly show off the power of the system. InFamous: Second Son sets the bar high and shows us just what this generation is going to be capable of.

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