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The main Battlefield series, which has mostly been PC exclusive, has been known primarily for one thing: multiplayer gaming. Single player was regulated to little more than playing the artificial intelligence on multiplayer maps, while the real bulk of the game rested in the game’s online multiplayer modes. Battlefield 3 made two large changes to the franchise. First, it is being released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in addition to the PC. Second, it added in a unique single player mode similar to the one seen in the Call of Duty games. However, Battlefield 3, like past titles, still places a large emphasis on multiplayer gaming.

Battlefield 3’s single player includes a storyline spanning Iran, New York and Paris. While the story focused on the United States army battling an insurgent force, what the single player of Battlefield 3 is most noted for is on its large set pieces; explosions, life or death situations and overcoming impossible odds is what was remembered.

In multiplayer mode, players choose from one of four classes: assault, engineer, recon and support. Each class is tailored towards a specific play style, allowing players to select the class that corresponds to their play style. For example, the assault class can be found on the front of the battle lines charging in head first while the recon class prefers to hang back and destroy their enemies from a distance. Battlefield 3 features five game modes and nine multiplayer maps, ensuring enough variation to the carnage that gameplay never gets tiresome.

Powering both the single player and multiplayer modes is the Frostbite 2 engine. This revolutionary engine is best known for one thing: destructible scenery. By the time a multiplayer game is over, the map is only charred remnants of its former self as buildings and other objects get destroyed in the crossfire.

With a release of October 25th, 2011 for all three systems, Battlefield 3 is getting a head start on Modern Warfare 3. Once the single player is over, no player will have a problem finding a multiplayer match, which is good as this is one multiplayer game no one should miss out on.

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