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Oni: Light Control 1.5 - Recurring Scheduling, More Hardware, and Bridge Firmware Updating

by unt1tled

posted September 21, 2013 @ 2:47PM
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Thousands of Windows Phone users use Oni: Light Control to control and color the lights in their home to match their mood, and the feedback we get has been very positive. We read every comment and do our best to update the app with requested features and fixes.

Recurring scheduling is among the top requested features for Oni: Light Control, and now that Philips has updated their firmware to support recurring scheduling, we’re proud to announce support for this in our 1.5 update. In addition to recurring schedules and other minor fixes, we’ve also added support for more light hardware such as the Philips Hue LightStrips and Color Bloom.

Of course to use the new features, it’s required that your bridge has latest firmware, so we’ve added a feature to tell your bridge to grab the latest update. The process is quick and easy, and just to make it clear: The application doesn’t flash the bridge from your phone to update the firmware, it only tells the bridge “download the latest update from the manufacture and apply it”. Nevertheless, as firmware updates can be a potentially risky process, we strongly advise you carefully read the on-screen guide, use standard precaution, and do not to plug out your bridge while it’s performing the update.

Check the Windows Phone Store to grab the update (which should appear in within a few hours). If you’re having any issues whatsoever, be sure to contact support on and we’ll gladly respond to resolve them.

We love hearing from our users and we’ll continue to improve the app with the features you want and more. Look out for an exciting Oni update in the near future. It’s major one we think you all will really appreciate ;)

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