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Oni: Light Control Version 1.3 – Schedule your Moods

by unt1tled

posted April 2, 2013 @ 6:26PM
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Just published an update to Oni: Light Control which includes the much anticipated scheduling feature! Schedule your moods (or reset/on off actions) to activate in after a number of minutes, or specific times. You can also set a transition time and watch the colors slowly fade to the mood you set. The Philips Hue does not support recurring events, but to help with certain scenarios, you can assign scheduled task creations to an NFC tag. So for example, you can set a wake up task which turns your lights on at 7AM the next day. When you assign it to an NFC tag, it will create this task automatically for you (for the next day)when you place your phone near by.


So far we’ve gotten tons of great feedback, and love hearing for ways we can improve the app. Big thanks everyone using the app and we really appreciate your feedback and reviews. We look forward to providing additional surprise features in upcoming releases.

Download Oni: Light Control from the Windows Phone Store, and visit for more ways to enhance your lifestyle.


Release Notes:

- v1.3

  * Added the much anticipated scheduling feature.

  * Added feature to add scheduled tasked by NFC tags

  * Fixed issue where moods couldn't be deleted when recently activated

  * Fixed other minor issues

Special Thanks to Sebastian R. & Vincent W. for their German translations and testing assistance!

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