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One of the newer announcements that came out of the Spike’s VGA Show that Aired recently, seems to be a new IP from a Swedish developer named Moby Dick Productions. Helmed by CEO Joakim Mogren , Moby Dick production aims to bring an ambitious product to the consoles by the name of ‘The Phantom Pain’.

Barely any information was released alongside the premier trailer but that didn’t stop the buzz from reaching a fevered pitch. Keen eyes spotted similarities between the visuals of the trailer and the latest work done by Hideo Kojima and his “Fox Engine”. Clue present, seem to indicate the main character that is missing an arm is in fact snake (Big Boss) and this maybe a nightmare/hallucination possibly induced by a young Psycho Mantis or a new character with similar abilities. The lines drawn are as varied as the petals falling as a reference to the death of the Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3, to the burning man in the hallway, who seem to resemble the antagonist Volgin from Metal Gear Solid 3 as well.


Only time will tell if these assumptions are correct. A release date has not been announced yet but we will keep you updated when one is released.


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