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Angry Birds Star Wars Review: In a galaxy far far away…

by phnk

posted November 19, 2012 @ 11:22PM
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It goes without saying that Angry Birds has made a huge impact in both the worlds of casual and hardcore gaming. Developer Rovio didn't just make a successful video game; the title spawned into a huge franchise that has led to sequels, spin-offs and even crossover games. Available on the iOS, Android and PC systems, Angry Birds Star Wars crosses two equally gigantic universes into something truly exciting.

The vast majority of the gimmicks remain the same in Angry Birds Star Wars, with the exception of the addition of lightsabers to remind players that it is, in fact, a game that features the Star Wars universe. Much like the awkward Spandex space costumes introduced in Rovio's intergalactic sequel, the birds now don outfits reminiscent of iconic Star Wars characters; for example, the main red bird features moused blond hair like Luke Skywalker while Terence has a fully hirsute appearance to mimic Chewbacca's appearance.

Angry Birds Star Wars does well to mix its two main iterations, Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space, together and blend the techniques in both games, allowing players to fling birds at the piggies on standard land and in space without gravity. Each of the birds naturally still have separate techniques that the player must use to destroy his enemies, but they're a bit different this time around.

For example, the yellow bird as Han Solo doesn't accelerate toward its target, but uses his blaster to aim at TIE Fighters while “Obi-Wan” later must use the Force to manipulate the environment to his advantage. Red bird's rendition of Luke Skywalker also gets a lightsaber later on to accompany him in his journey to fight the Stormtrooper and Sandpeople piggies.

Veterans of the Angry Birds series may notice that the levels are a little easier to finish than before. While it hasn't been watered down for children to destroy, it does offer a fair amount of accessibility for those new to the series or without a keen sense of pig destruction.

Those familiar with the Angry Birds series will also remember the Mighty Eagle that can be used to quickly bypass a difficult level. The same concept returns but with a costume of its own: the Mighty (Millennium) Falcon. Rather than drop in and try to crush all objects and pigs under its own weight, the player must set a target, and the Falcon will swoop in and fire its blasters at the structure to destroy it. Just like the Mighty Eagle, using this Mighty Falcon allows players to earn a gold medal rather than three stars, which makes for even more gameplay value; however, players will need to spend cash to get more Falcons in bulk.

At the moment, players can only access two chapters in the story, the first taking place on the arid world of Tatooine, and the second takes the birds over to Dagobah. The main menu teases levels that will take place on Hoth, but this will be available later with an update from Rovio. However, the two chapters available at launch currently offer 80 levels as well as golden Droid collectibles, making it a beefy game already. All in all, it's a game that's already jam-packed with great content to enjoy even without the Hoth update, but that's no surprise with a Rovio game.

Angry Birds Star Wars definitely kicks up a sandstorm with very accessible levels and innovative new gameplay that offers a perfect mesh between the classics Angry Birds gameplay and the Star Wars universe.

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