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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review

by phnk

posted August 29, 2012 @ 12:59AM
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, is one of those rare sequels that seem to come decades after the previous one. In this case, Global Offensive succeeds the hugely popular Counter-Strike: Source released a whopping eight years prior. It's one of those games that doesn't need to exist, but it's here now—and it seems like Valve, as always, knows what they're doing with this title.

Much like the other games in the series, Global Offensive is a first-person shooter that revolves on the idea of objective-based multiplayer. Players either take on the role of terrorists or counter-terrorists as each one tries to either eliminate the other or complete certain objectives without succumbing to the other team.

As usual, most modes only give players a single life per round; once a player dies in the round, he must sit out until all other players have died or once the objective is complete to start a new round. Once the round ends, all players receive some money with which they may purchase new guns, with the last round's winning team naturally will receive a substantially higher amount than the losing team.

Global Offensive seeks to prepare even the most inexperienced players for its rough battles with the inclusion of two offline modes: Offline with Bots and Weapons Course. In the former, the gameplay is the same as the standard game, but the only difference is that players are competing against AI rather than other players. In the latter, a course is available to teach players how to handle the different weapons in the game.

Other modes in the game are online, and these include Demolition, Arms Race, Defusal and Hostage.

The core gameplay mechanics remain the same but feature subtle changes. In addition to a host of new weapons, players can adjust the UI with a simple slider, enjoy a scoreboard that is quick to access at any time, as well as form a party with the party system. Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment clearly show effort with this title as well as there are separate character models depending on the level; the terrorists and counter-terrorists no longer look congruent in between maps.

Global Offensive offers a good ticket back to the land of nostalgia but with improvements, though there are a few points of weaknesses that still remain. For example, it is impossible to mute other players in a match. Naturally, this can lead to serious problems if one comes across unscrupulous or foul-mouthed players, which is not quite as rare as one would hope.

The PlayStation 3 version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers a unique approach in terms of the control system. Not only can players engage in the multiplayer game using the standard DualShock 3 controller, but it is also possible to plug in a keyboard and mouse into the USB ports for a classic approach, or players can take a modern approach and take advantage of the fact that Global Offensive supports the PlayStation Move. All in all, there are definitely enough options for those who find comfort with a different set of controls in their hands.

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