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As the follow up to Batman: Arkham Aslyum, Batman: Arkham City is a sequel that is reminiscent of a new comic book arc; new fans can jump in and not feel lost while old fans will appreciate all the references to the past game. Releasing for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Arkham City sees the creation of a new prison by walling off an entire section of Gotham. This prison, dubbed Arkham City, is run by Dr. Hugo Strange and houses all of Gotham’s worst criminals in a free range environment. Batman, sensing that something isn’t quite right in Arkham City, manages to find a way inside the prison where he faces his greatest challenge yet: facing his deadliest foes on their home turf. The story is once again written by famed Batman author Paul Dini.

However, Batman is not new to handling dangerous criminals; as such, he returns in Arkham City with access to every weapon and gadget he had in Arkham Asylum. The free-flow combat system returns but now Batman has access to each of his gadgets during combat, giving him new ways to defeat his opponent. New gadgets, such as ice grenades, are made available; throughout much of Arkham City, Batman continues to increase his arsenal so the gameplay constantly feels fresh.

Batman isn’t alone for this outing either; while he is briefly joined by Robin, Arkham City features a fully playable Catwoman (First time buyers only). Working to help Batman, but mostly to help herself, Catwoman features completely unique attack moves and gadgets as well as her own storyline.

Batman will need all the help he can get; while previous villains such as Joker, Bane and Poison Ivy return, a much larger stable of Batman villains are present this time around. Batman will have to face off against the likes of Two Face, The Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and many other iconic characters making special appearances.

Whether you’re a fan of Batman, Arkham Asylum or video games in general, Arkham City is worth your attention.

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