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The Far Cry series has always been about two things: open-ended gameplay and a unique setting that seems to change every game. For example, Far Cry was set on a tropical paradise, while Far Cry 2 was set in the plains of Africa, and both games gave you multiple ways to dispatch your enemies. Far Cry 3, releasing for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, continues this trend. Even though the story is once again set on a tropical island, the island features many different locations; expect to be battling on sandy beaches and mountaintops in addition to the dense jungle atmosphere. The story follows Jason Brody, who has become trapped on the island, as a madman named Vaas, along with his crew, seek to end Jason’s life. Surviving the first attempt on his life by Vaas, Jason seeks revenge in this first-person shooter.

Like past Far Cry games, gameplay in Far Cry 3 is open-ended; enemies can be dispatched in whatever manner you see fit. If you’re the type of gamer who likes stealth, you can use sniper rifles and your environment to pick off enemies one by one. If you’re the type of gamer who likes action, you can go in guns blazing. In addition, new melee attacks have been added: you can now take down an enemy when you are above them, further opening up the list of options you have when dealing with an opponent.

Far Cry 3 also features multiplayer as well. While not much is known about it at this time, multiplayer is being developed by a separate team: Massive Entertainment, best known for the World in Conflict series. Multiplayer will still consist of the same first-person shooter elements as the single player but with an emphasis on an online universe and other social aspects.

Far Cry 3 releases September 4th, 2012, and looks to be one of the year’s most promising first-person shooters. With an emphasis on story and open-ended gameplay, Far Cry 3 is shaping up to be a can’t miss experience.

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