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In 2000, Sega released Jet Set Radio, known as Jet Grind Radio in the United States, on the Dreamcast. The game’s soundtrack, cell-shaded visuals and fun gameplay involving spray painting, or tagging, surfaces instantly made it a hit. For those gamers without a Dreamcast, Sega is re-releasing Jet Set Radio, now the same name in all countries, as a digital download. Set for release on the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC, Jet Set Radio is a high definition port of this classic Sega game. Players select from a wide array of characters, such as Beat, Gum and Corn, is they must take over rival gang’s territories to spray painting their logo everywhere they can in the various districts of Tokyo-To. To reach many of the tagging locations, players must carefully navigate the environment, skating on multiple surfaces to reach their intended destination.

As mentioned before, Jet Set Radio will be re-released in high definition. Tokyo-To was a colorful place; unlike most games, where shades of brown ruled the day, Jet Set Radio embraced color, with bright greens, blues and yellows everywhere. Jet Set Radio seeks to come alive with high definition graphics, as colors pop and new details are able to be seen, making an already graphically impressive game even better. The game will also fully support widescreen televisions, a feature that the original Jet Set Radio did not support.

The gameplay remains unchanged, as all the levels, characters and secrets are in the same place as the original game. However, a new camera system is being added to the game, fixing the one complaint many had with the original Jet Set Radio. Unfortunately, due to licensing issues the entire soundtrack is not available for the re-release: only half of the original tracks will be available.

Jet Set Radio does not yet have a release date, only a vague Summer 2012 date. However, both new and old gamers should keep an eye out as Jet Set Radio, twelve years later, is still a game worth playing.

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