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01-Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum, coming soon for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, focuses on the two aspects of the character that have made him a comic book icon for the past 40 years: a story that highlights the cerebral side of Batman and his abilities as a crime fighter. Paul Dini, who has brought his experience as a writer from Batman: The Animated Series, has crafted an all-new story that ties into the Batman mythos. When the inmates take over the asylum, Batman finds himself in a fight for his life against some of his worst enemies, including Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy and Joker.

However, Batman doesn’t come into this fight empty-handed; in addition to a unique free-flow combat system, where Batman can fight up to eight enemies simultaneously, he brings with him all the gadgets he is known for. Batarangs, explosive gel and his grapple gun are all available to use, making players feel as if they are truly Batman.

In addition to the combat, Arkham Asylum also highlights Batman’s detective skills and propensity towards stealth. Detective Mode can be turned on at any time in the game, allowing Batman to view the world through an x-ray filter; this allows him to search for otherwise unseen clues, solve puzzles and locate the positioning of enemies through walls and ceilings. As Batman is known for hiding in the shadows as well as fighting out in the open, Batman can hide in grates and on gargoyle statues from the ceiling and silently pick off his enemies one by one should the opportunity arise.

To make Arkham Asylum feel like a true Batman game, several Batman: The Animated Series voice actors return. Kevin Conroy returns as Batman, Mark Hamill returns as Joker and Arleen Sorkin returns as Harley Quinn, among others.

Arkham Asylum’s graphics, based on the Unreal Engine, looks to be impressive. With its sharp attention to detail and fun gameplay, Batman: Arkham Asylum is shaping up to be not only one of the best Batman games, but one of the best comic book games, of its generation.

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