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Rickie Ramcharitar is our Senior Reporter and Reviews Editor. He has been working within the untitled network since 2006. At first only contributing game related news for the network while providing reviews for (before the new owners), he has since commited his full attention on bringing the information and reviews to the members of untitled network. Being a big gamer and movie buff, you will find him researching his favorite topics in his spare time.

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  • Total Recall: Reimagined
  • November 3, 2018 @ 10:58PM by staticneuron
  • The movie industry trend of remaking films has taken an interesting turn. The brains looked backward this time to bring an old classic and give it a once over for todays modern audiences. By the looks of the trailer, they seem to be doing a great job. I am not a fan of the trend myself but I can’t help but admit that the trailer has me interested. Set for release august 3 you can find the trailer ...
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