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In a tidbit picked up from, Peter Molyneux apparently displayed his concerns over motion sensing controls at the LGC. He pretty much reiterates a concern that was mentioned on the net when the Wii was first announced. The worry here is he is basing his opinions off of playing the Wii. To a point he has a valid concern, not to say that certain tactile controls are not fun but the can become strenuous after a while. Games such as DDR, Time Cop and guitar hero show that in short bursts the games might be fun but border a chore when it come to those who want to master a game. To disperse the negativity, the Wii apparently will have sensitivity settings, and chances are Molyneux was playing an unfinished version of the game. In the end it is up to the game devs to find that balance between fun and chore, nothing really new here.

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