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Saint's Row demo downloaded 350,000 times

by staticneuron

posted August 24, 2006 @ 6:36PM
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..... in the first week. That is a large number by and by. This shows the power of the XBL's marketing abilities. The convince afforded by downloading demos off the market place just might entice more people to buy the game. People who would have normally not gone out of their way to get the demo by any other means.

THQ's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Bob Aniello, had this to say about THQ's strategy and direction:
"We've put significant resources behind the Saint's Row marketing campaign, generating tremendous buzz with creative grass roots efforts and the strategic timing of pre-release content. Our multi-million dollar advertising campaign will continue to fuel anticipation in the weeks leading up to launch and we believe extensive plans for post-launch downloadable content will further establish it as a must-have title this holiday season."

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