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In a double-portion of news, Next generation puts up a brief article about a former manager of Sony heading to work for Ubisoft.
From an update of the article this information was released.

"SCEA PR manager Ryan Bowling informed Next-Gen, "Mark DeLoura, SCEA’s manager of developer relations, has left the company; J. Patton will continue to oversee the company's developer relations team."

He noted that top publishers and developers are still strongly tied with SCEA. "The best and brightest development teams are hard at work creating familiar franchises and original IP for the PS3 including – EA, Konami, Sega, Rockstar, Activison and our own internal studios just to name a few," Bowling stated.

He also offered the latest PS3 dev kit shipment figures, in an effort to exhibit Sony's commitment to developers. "To date we have shipped more than 10,000 development systems to 208 companies in 11 countries, the largest number ever for a PlayStation platform."

In a related interview Mark Rein had this to say about the dev kits:

"Developers were just getting final PS3 hardware [around E3], which is a long time before ship," Rein told Eurogamer TV "Developers did not have finished Xbox 360 hardware last year at E3. So Sony's actually maybe in a better place vis-a-vis Microsoft in relation to launch."

"I think Sony's in a good spot with the PlayStation 3," he added. "I know we're getting some great results with it back at our house, so I would expect other developers will be as well."

The PS3 might not be in such s bad spot after all.


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