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The Wii to be first console to establish a Bluetooth standard

by staticneuron

posted May 18, 2006 @ 12:23PM
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"The Wii console is the first major gaming platform on the market to introduce Bluetooth technology as a standard feature, eliminating the cables between the console, hand-held game controllers and other accessories. Broadcom Bluetooth technology used in the controllers significantly increases the level of performance in the game controller, with special enhancements that provide low latency to accommodate the fast rate of interaction between the controller and the console.

Nintendo further leveraged the versatility of Broadcom's highly-integrated Bluetooth solution to realize its vision of enabling new and intriguing ways for gamers to interact with their games, and to allow game developers to boldly exercise their creativity to deliver captivating new gaming experiences. Enhancements were made to ensure that the wireless controller system delivers the same reliable, low-latency responsiveness that gamers are accustomed to in wired controllers. In addition, Broadcom's Bluetooth chip solution features exceptionally low power consumption, maximizing battery life to simplify upkeep and maintenance.

The Wii console also includes Broadcom's single-chip 54g® Wi-Fi solution, which provides a high-performance wireless link for playing online or multi-player games. The console takes advantage of key features including Broadcom BroadRange™ technology, which allows users to maintain higher data rates further from the access point. Broadcom's family of 54g® chipsets deliver maximum performance, coverage, security and ease-of-use, and are featured in the industry's leading brands of networking equipment, PCs, broadband modems and consumer electronics.

Both Bluetooth and 802.11g Wi-Fi products operate in the 2.4 GHz radio frequency band, introducing the possibility of radio interference between the two radio signals. To address this concern, Nintendo drew upon Broadcom's extensive co-existence experience to optimize the wireless performance for optimal simultaneous throughput of both technologies, minimizing the possibility of radio signal collisions, blocking and other phenomena that could degrade the performance of either device."

The full press release can be found at Broadcom.


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