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Microsoft's brilliant approach to gaming on the go

by staticneuron

posted May 18, 2006 @ 12:18PM
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Extremetech goes over the amazingness of Microsoft's Live anywhere. Live anywhere will allow game players to log into the new upcoming vista, Xbox 360 and their phones (regardless of os) and play games or watch media associated with the gamertag.

This reminds me of other attempts off a shared experience on a smaller scale such as the VMU for the dreamcast. I spent hours leveling up my Chao for Sonic only to plug it back into the game and my chao became a puffy, speedy GOD. This idea from Microsoft will take that immersive feeling and multiply it tenfold. Life for hardcore gamers are about to become really interesting.

Here is Extremetechs opinion and coverage on Live anywhere.

Thanks Guys!


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