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Immersion to Sony "Let us add vibration to your controllers!"

by staticneuron

posted May 18, 2006 @ 12:02PM
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Immersion President Victor Viegas took the time out to speak to Gamasutra about their lawsuit with Sony and Sony's announcement to not have haptic controllers this time around.

"The company announced in a press release that the PS3 controller would lack vibration due to the possibility of it interfering with the controller’s new tilt sensors, which Viegas feels is unlikely.

“If what they’re saying is in fact the reason why [the controller will not have vibration], I’ve offered them numerous solutions to the problem,” Viegas said in an interview Tuesday. “I don’t believe it’s a very difficult problem to solve, and Immersion has experts that would be happy to solve that problem for them.”

The solutions offered by Immersion, however, would hinge upon Sony’s acceptance of the current litigation, and no word has been given as to Sony’s plans on the matter. Viegas says that Immersion “would have no qualms helping Sony with their problem, if indeed it is a problem,” but the company would have to cease its appeal against the current injunction." 

So in addition to Suing Sony for millions, Immersion offers to help Sony, no doubt for a fee, include a vibration function to their controllers. I wonder why Sony isn't jumping all over this prospect.

For more please read the Gamasutra article.


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