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" Looking at the Official spec sheet of the PS3 one can notice the most interesting choice made by Sony in this whole PS3 ordeal.


This from the official Blu-Ray site says:

"According to the Blu-ray Disc specification, 1x speed is defined as 36Mbps. However, as BD-ROM movies will require a 54Mbps data transfer rate the minimum speed we're expecting to see is 2x (72Mbps). Blu-ray also has the potential for much higher speeds, as a result of the larger numerical aperture (NA) adopted by Blu-ray Disc. The large NA value effectively means that Blu-ray will require less recording power and lower disc rotation speed than DVD and HD-DVD to achieve the same data transfer rate. While the media itself limited the recording speed in the past, the only limiting factor for Blu-ray is the capacity of the hardware. If we assume a maximum disc rotation speed of 10,000 RPM, then 12x at the outer diameter should be possible (about 400Mbps). This is why the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) already has plans to raise the speed to 8x (288Mbps) or more in the future."

This excerpt from the Official PDF states:

"With the overwhelming computational power of the Cell processor, PS3 is capable of playing
back content from Blu-ray (BD) disc at a bit rate of multiplex 48Mbps with ease, the maximum
bit rate defined in BD standards."

Let us break this down...     1 MBps = 8 Mbps, therefore 72 Mbps = 9 MBps and 48Mbps = 6MBps.

So the PS3 has 256 MB of system memory, this means that for a BD Rom to fill that memory it would take at least 42 seconds.

Is this a huge mistake? Is it really possible to play decent BD rom games at that speed? Would the hard drive even matter?

Of course with the built in hard drive loading pains might be reduced but it still would seem like a step backwards with loading times in excess of 15 seconds.

Or maybe this is part of their plans to use the PS3 as a Trojan horse to usher in a new media format. With loading speeds that low the most immediate reaction is to use the PS3 BD drive to play movies first and foremost. But the question is can they pull off being able to make use of BD roms in game development?

What are your thoughts?"


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