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The bombshell that was dropped at the end of  Sony's presentation was that the new PS3 controllers will have tilt functions on 6 degrees. All over the internet cries of foul play were screamed out along with murderous intentions for the exec's of Sony. But thanks to a very well known Game information site, IGN , the Nintendo fans can rest easy knowing that the PS3 controllers technology isn't quite the same or as advanced as the Nintendo's Wii-mote.

Here is an snippet of what  IGN had to report.

"The technology inside Sony's controller is a basic tilting accelerometer device. In a sense, that's the same style of control as the left hand of the Wii combination. Think of the technology as true 3D movement vs. basic tilt. The Wiimote will sense all pointing, motion and a new dimension of control, while the PS3 controller will expand only on the specific tilt functions. To make this a bit simpler to wrap your heads around, we've put it all in FAQ form below."

Head on over to their FAQ to get more details.


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