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Despite being a sequel, Uncharted 2, releasing exclusively on the PlayStation 3, does not require any previous knowledge of the series. While certain events in the first game are alluded to, and a few past characters pop up from time to time, newcomers can jump straight into Uncharted 2. This is good as Uncharted 2 takes everything Naughty Dog learned from the first game and adds an extra layer of polish, action and story line. In Uncharted 2, treasure hunter Nathan Drake is again searching for a long forgotten treasure; Marco Polo’s lost ships, containing a vast amount of riches. Over the course of the adventure, Nathan will travel to many exotic locations such as Istanbul, Borneo and Nepal.

Nathan Drake won’t simply be sightseeing at these locations; each location he visits is packed with danger. Whether it’s scaling an ancient set of ruins, where each step could be his last, or in a fierce gunfight against hired mercenaries, the action in Uncharted 2 is never-ending. Uncharted 2 alternates between intense platforming and third-person gunplay equally to create a dynamic experience.

The set pieces in Uncharted 2 are what really steal the show. From the very beginning of the game, Nathan Drake has to scale up a train that is dangling over the side of a mountain, battling both the falling pieces of the train cars along with the weather as he ascends to higher ground and safer footing. From there, the set pieces only get bigger and better as you will constantly be in awe of what awaits you around every corner.

New to the series is the advent of multiplayer; both co-operative and competitive online multiplayer is supported in Uncharted 2. When you grow bored of the maps the game ships with, many additional maps await you as downloadable content, further extending the multiplayer experience.

Releasing October 13th, 2009, Uncharted 2 not only matches its predecessor, but outdoes it as well. At times, it can feel like an action movie unfolding on your screen and is as much fun to watch as it is to play. 

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