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Test Drive Unlimited, released in 2006, differentiated itself from other racing games by breaking free of the rigid structure of most games in the genre; you were free to roam an island in Hawaii and do as you wish, such as exploring and taking part in challenges or races. Test Drive Unlimited 2, soon available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, continues this formula again placing you back on Oahu. However, Test Drive Unlimited 2 goes a step further by also allowing you to race around Spain as well. Test Drive Unlimited 2 allows you to roam in both Spain and Hawaii exploring either location or taking part in races; you are free to do what you want, when you want, just like the previous game but now in an extra location.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 offers 101 cars for you to race, featuring favorites such as cars in the Aston Martin, Dodge Viper and Ferrari brands. You’ll need as many of these high powered, fast speed cars as you can get your hands on; Test Drive Unlimited 2 has 63 ranks for you to earn over the course of the game. With each rank you achieve, you’ll earn such abilities as discounts on cars or the ability to detect hidden vehicles and parts as you explore.

There are multiple ways to earn ranks, from racing against A.I. opponents, finding landmarks and playing against your friends. Test Drive Unlimited 2 shows other players racing around you at all times; you can drop-in and drop-out of their game at the push of a button. Up to eight players can join a game and compete in races, join clubs or just explore and have fun together. Everything you earn while playing multiplayer is brought back to your own game, as well.

Test Drive Unlimited 2, set to be released on February 8th, 2011, brings something different to the racing genre. Rather than confine you to tracks, Test Drive Unlimited 2 lives up to the name unlimited, offering many ways for you to enjoy yourself in this refreshing take on the racing genre.

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