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Released in 1998, StarCraft quickly became a household name for PC gamers. This real-time strategy game offered an in-depth story, three playable races and fast-paced online multiplayer gaming that has helped it remain a classic to this day. After twelve long years, the sequel, StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty, was finally released. StarCraft 2 features the same gameplay fans have come to expect from the series and, at a glance, it looks like not a lot has changed from the previous game. StarCraft 2 features the same three races along with both story and multiplayer modes, similar to its predecessor; however, don’t let this fool you, as StarCraft 2 is indeed a worthy successor to the original game.

Unlike the previous game, StarCraft 2’s story mode does not feature all three races; instead, you only play as the Terrans. While this might initially seem like a drawback, this allows the developer, Blizzard, to streamline the story and tell a stronger tale. In addition, missions won’t all follow the basic rules of gameplay: often, additional rules must be followed or bonus objectives completed. StarCraft 2, despite featuring only one race for its story mode, features the same amount of missions as the first game; in addition, some missions are only available when certain conditions are met, thereby increasing replayability.

When you are finished with the story, multiplayer awaits. In multiplayer, all three races are available: Terran, Protoss and Zerg. However, each race has undergone some changes; while some units and structures from StarCraft carry over to the sequel, each race has a number of brand new units as well. If the original maps start to bore you, StarCraft 2’s map editor allows you to create new maps to use in both single player and multiplayer games.

Many believe that StarCraft 2, releasing July 27th, 2010, won’t be able to fill the big shoes of its predecessor; not only does StarCraft 2 looks like it will fill these shoes, but it is shaping up to become a title that outgrows them, making StarCraft 2 the new king of real-time strategy games.

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