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Since Mario’s 3D debut in Super Mario 64, every future game starring Mario has been rendered in 3D. While these games have all been great, fans of the classic 2D Super Mario games longed for a return to that style. With New Super Mario Bros, released exclusively on the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo has granted the wishes of those players. Featuring over 70 levels across eight different worlds, along with a hidden ninth world, New Super Mario Bros. is a game that will take some time to beat. While the gameplay remains similar to past 2D Mario games, even going so far as to having you hold the Wii Remote sideways to emulate an NES controller, New Super Mario Bros features some changes on the classic Mario formula.

While the game can be played and completed by a single player, New Super Mario Bros allows up to four players on a single Wii console to join in on the fun. Often, what should be a co-operative effort to finish a level becomes a competitive experience as players vie for a magic mushroom or throw koopa shells at one another. New Super Mario Bros is perfect for a family to play together as gamers of all ages can join in on the fun.

Like any new Mario game, New Super Mario Bros features a handful of new items. The Propeller Mushroom allows Mario to jump high into the sky and slow his descent, the ice flower allows Mario to freeze his enemies while the Penguin Suit allows him to navigate through icy terrain much easier.

New Super Mario Bros is also a love letter to older Mario fans. Yoshi makes a return, along with the long awaited return of Bowser’s Koopa Kids. Classic favorites like Luigi and Toad make appearances as playable characters, while facing them are iconic enemies such as goombas, koopa troopas and bullet bills.

With so many references to past Mario games, New Super Mario Bros, releasing on November 15th, 2009, packs enough new features in to not only make it stand out amongst Mario’s lineup of games but to be one of the best.

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