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In the past two God of War games, Kratos has taken revenge on Ares, been elevated to the position of god of war (and removed from it), has been killed numerous times, crawling out of Hades each time and has been betrayed by Zeus. With this final act, Kratos has had enough being a mere plaything for the gods and has now challenged them head on in God of War III. This PlayStation 3 exclusive title sees Kratos fighting the many gods who have played major roles in the series: Poseidon, Hades and even Zeus himself will come face to face with Kratos’ rage. God of War III is the final chapter in the God of War trilogy, with Kratos’ story finally coming to an end. For new players, it is advised to play the first two games before the third; this game immediately picks up where God of War II ended.

Gameplay wise, not a lot has changed in God of War III. The game is still a third person action title and many of Kratos’ weapons and combos remain the same; series’ veterans will have no problem jumping in. While new weapons, items and modes do appear in the game, they are variations on what we have seen in the past; while welcome additions to the God of War franchise, they don’t significantly change the gameplay.

What is new in God of War III is the sense of scale; everything is bigger and better due to being on the PlayStation 3. Three to four times the amount of enemies are on screen compared to God of War II, and the size of the bosses tower over anything seen in the series to date. God of War III is also more violent and gritty then past entries, as Kratos doesn’t just look to defeat his enemies, he looks to maim and dismember them in the worst way possible.

Releasing on March 16th, 2010, God of War III represents the very best of the PlayStation 3. An amazing story, great gameplay and some of the best graphics this generation make God of War III worth the wait.

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