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Unlike Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 left the series on a bleak note. With care being given to avoid spoilers, it’s safe to say that things were not looking good for Shepard and her crew. In Mass Effect 3, releasing for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, the war for the galaxy’s survival has come home to Earth. After a pulse pounding action sequence, Shepard finds herself against an enemy more dangerous than any before it; to win, she must unite the races of the galaxy together. However, with many of the galaxy’s species hating each other, Shepard must help put to rest centuries worth of hatred and anger to ensure the survival of them all.

To help in this task, many familiar faces return: almost the entire cast from Mass Effect. Only one new character joins the ranks: James Vega. Mass Effect 3 is no longer a game about gaining the loyalty of your crew, unlike Mass Effect 2; your entire crew has served with you before and will follow you to the ends of the galaxy.

Despite being the third entry to the series, Mass Effect 3 is easily grasped by newcomers as well. However, like Mass Effect 2 before it, gamers who have played the past two games can import their Commander Shepard into Mass Effect 3. Every choice and decision you’ve made over the last two games all make an impact on the third game, for better or for worse. Decisions you may not even remember making could shape the future of the galaxy.

Many things about Mass Effect 2 remain the same, such as the combat, but Mass Effect 3 brings one large addition with it: multiplayer. Up to four players can team up to fight waves of enemies, with the outcomes of your multiplayer battles affecting your single player game.

Unlike Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 will be released simultaneously on all three systems on March 6th, 2012. Whether you’ve been looking forward to saving the galaxy for years or you’re someone new to the franchise, Mass Effect 3 should be played by all gamers at least once.

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