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Isaac Clarke is no stranger to having a bad day. In Dead Space, Isaac Clarke is sent to investigate the endangered USS Ishimura, and everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Throughout the course of the game, Isaac must stop the ship from becoming destabilized and crashing, defend the ship against asteroids and stop toxic gas from destroying all available oxygen. In addition, the entire crew of the Ishimura has been transformed into Necromorphs: alien like creatures that can only be destroyed by cutting off their limbs. In Dead Space 2,soon available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, Isaac’s bad day turns into a bad three years; having escaped the Ishimura, he has been contained in an insane asylum as no one believes what has happened to him. However, when the Sprawl is taken over by Necromorphs, only Isaac can save humanity.

The Sprawl, unlike the Ishimura, is not merely a space ship, but a space station, allowing for Dead Space 2 to feature more varied environments. Example areas that Isaac will explore include a hospital, an elementary school and various storefronts. Players of Dead Space will remember the zero gravity areas, where exploration was confined only to certain walls and ceilings. In Dead Space 2, Isaacs suit has received an upgrade; thrusters now allowing him to move around at will in a zero gravity environment.

However, Isaac doesn’t have much time to check out the environments, zero gravity or otherwise, as he is plagued by Necromorphs on all sides. Dead Space 2 moves away from the survival horror feel of the first game and more into the action genre and the weaponry reflects this. Powerful new weapons like the Javelin Gun and the Detonator allow you to rip through Necromorphs with ease, which is good as there are a lot more of them to deal with.

New to the series is multiplayer, where players can play as either a Necromorph or a human in a four vs. four to the death. Releasing on January 25th, 2011, Dead Space 2 is shaping up to be a great sequel to an already impressive first game or an excellent entry point for a newcomer to the franchise.

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