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After the events at the Willamette Parkview Mall, the zombie situation seemed to be under control. In fact, zombies were even being rounded up and used for sport, such as in the game show Terror is Reality; currently being hosted in Fortune City, the show even boasts legendary motocross star Chuck Greene as a player. However, when an accident unleashes the zombie horde onto Fortune City, Chuck Greene must fight to save the life of everyone around him, including his daughter Katey; so begins Dead Rising 2, Capcom’s follow up to 2006’s Xbox 360 exclusive title Dead Rising. This time around, Dead Rising 2 is being released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and places players in the shoes of the aforementioned Chuck Greene.

Like Frank West before him, Chuck Greene has only 72 hours to uncover the mystery of why the zombies were unleashed on Fortune City; an incident that he has been framed for. Along the way, Chuck must rescue survivors, fight humans who have lost their sanity and carve their way through tens of thousands of zombies in an open world setting.

Chuck will need all the help he can get; luckily, he is an expert at duct tape, using it to combine two weapons together. While anything in Dead Rising 2 can be used as a weapon, the weapons Chuck can make at any workbench give him a definite edge. For example, combining a canoe paddle and a chainsaw gives him the Paddlesaw, a swinging instrument of death; a weapon far more effective than a canoe paddle alone.

A new addition to the series is online multiplayer, available in both co-operative and competitive forms. In co-operative multiplayer, two players can work together to uncover the mystery behind Chuck’s framing. In competitive multiplayer,  up to four players are contestants on Terror is Reality, with multiple mini-games being played to determine who is the best zombie killer.

Releasing on September 28th, 2010, Dead Rising 2 is a zombie slaying experience that can be enjoyed both alone and with friends.

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