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CES: NVidia Unveils Project Shield

by unt1tled

posted January 7, 2013 @ 1:11AM
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In one of hopefully many surprises we’ll see at CES, NVidia has announced a pure Android-based hand held gaming and media device. Fully featured with a 5-inch 720p multi-touch screen, HDMI out, Micro-SD slot, and Wi-Fi, the Shield appears to be quite an impressive clamshell device for portable gaming. It was demonstrated live on stage playing a number of graphically demanding games like Hawken, with support for Unreal Engine. The audio processor, said to be the “equivalent to a laptop with Beats Audio”, even changes the sound processing when you set the device on the table.

Connected directly to an HDTV, NVidia also demonstrated the interface by showing off smooth 4K video and a suite of different Google apps for Facebook, YouTube, music and also TegraZone gaming store. Game streaming with NVidia’s cloud-based grid gaming platform and Steam’s “Big-Picture Mode" was also shown; Assassin’s Creed looked great and it performed almost flawlessly.

Is this the killer portable device PC gamers always craved? We definitely look forward to hearing more about Shield from NVidia in the near future.

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