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Mass Effect 3 Review: Make the choice to save the universe!

by unt1tled

posted July 25, 2012 @ 5:37PM
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A long-running series that beautifully executed a solid storyline and likable characters, Bioware's Mass Effect series is something that continues to resonate with players long after the credits roll. All the effort the player has put forth into this series since it began in 2007 has led up to this very moment: The Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 title that ended the trilogy in March is now headed to the Wii U to reach an even wider audience.

For years, players have taken on the role of Commander Shepard in an epic extragalactic battle against the mechanical Reaper race as it continues a cycle of destruction for seemingly unknown reasons. By the time the events of Mass Effect 3 roll around, the Reapers have finally touched down on Earth and work diligently to blow apart London and the rest of human life. Shepard and his Normandy crew set out to do whatever it takes to destroy the Reapers once and for all.

The most significant change is the inclusion of multiplayer, which takes the form of survival against waves of alien enemies. None of the story characters are featured in this mode, but players can pick different races depending on which class they choose to play as.

After completing a multiplayer match, players earn influence and resources in the single-player mode, which is required to reach a certain point in order to achieve the “best” ending of the game. However, playing the multiplayer is not inherently required to achieve enough influence, depending on the choices the player made in the first two games.

The actual gameplay changes once again in Mass Effect 3, seeking even more emphasis on the third-person shooting aspect of combat in an effort to further commercialize the game and open the doors to a wider audience. The cover system also has been simplified to avoid the need to run to cover and vault over objects; players can maneuver the battlefield with much more ease than in previous games.

Gameplay in Mass Effect 3 is streamlined overall, as well; no longer does Shepard need to hack computers or unlock doors, for example, and players do not need to scan every individual planet to find all of the resources in a certain galaxy. If anything, it removes much of the guesswork that resulted in time spent doing mini-games rather than trying to save the galaxy.

In terms of storyline, the game does rather well to tie up its loose ends, including Shepard's potential romances from the previous games. If Shepard romanced a crew member in the first title but romanced a different one in Mass Effect 2, and if both romances are still alive, then both will actively vie for his or her overall love in a classic triangle that is resolved toward the end of the game.

Based on the choices the player made in the game, serious consequences can occur at various points throughout the game. In one scenario, two warring races leads to a standoff that can either go well given the right actions and choices made, or one crew member could exit the story for good—one way or another.

Mass Effect 3 is set to release on the Wii U on November 18, 2012. One thing that players from other consoles can agree on: The title is sure to resonate with Wii U players in a very similar way as it did upon its original release back in March.

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