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Tomb Raider is a title that any veteran player has heard of at some point, due in no small part to the long-running series that started with Eidos Interactive in 1996. Now in the hands of Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, the action-adventure platformer will see a reboot on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PC, simply titled Tomb Raider just like the original iteration.

The story focuses on the specific events that led Lara Croft from the sheltered woman she was to the hardened survivor she is now. In this sense, it’s very much a prequel as it is a reboot, so don’t expect to control Croft in the same aerobic, free-running manner that she typically graces the screen with. This version of the raider struggles on the path, barely able to jump across platforms as rainwater pelts her from above.

Given this simple change in events, the gameplay changes just enough to give players a sense of something new, which makes it easy to forget that this is the 10th iteration the franchise has seen in the last 16 years. The developer also does well to present the story in a manner that allows players inside Croft’s head as she wrestles with a terrible atmosphere in an effort to survive using only her untrained wits and whatever weapons she comes across. The entire concept is one that works well to give players a sense of wanting to survive and see the continuation of the story.

Additionally, Tomb Raider offers a great environment above all, realizing the atmosphere with immaculate precision. The forests appear very realistic, and the structure of buildings also offers something spectacular to look at. The change from previous games is obvious, and that is only a good thing.

Expected for release on March 5, 2013, Tomb Raider will present the series’ second attempt at a reboot. However, unlike the previous attempt, this iteration seems like it has a stronger leg to stand on, perhaps giving it the boost it needs to succeed and win favor with veteran players of the franchise.

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