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Originally thought to be a game that would fall short of what Resident Evil had been able to do with survival horror, Dead Space quickly grew to become a satisfying series that changed the way gamers looked at the genre. Now Visceral Games is continuing the trend by bringing Dead Space 3 to the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and the PC with some nice improvements.

For starters, Dead Space 3 introduces cooperative gameplay for the first time in the series, which Visceral Games states was intended from the very start. Those worried about losing the survival horror atmosphere, similar to Resident Evil 5 and it's ever-present partner, can rest assured as the second character is rarely around for those who choose to play through the game alone. However, the co-op mode does feature unique story details that cannot be discovered without a second player in the mix.

The cooperative mode also allows for interesting moments that rely on a partner’s commitment to survival. In one particular scene, protagonist John Carver begins to hallucinate vividly and is attacked by the Necromorph he envisions. Though the player controlling protagonist Isaac Clarke cannot see this, he must help defeat the Necromorph to keep Carver alive. Though this mode does pull away from the aspect of sudden scares, it does bring a brand new horror to the mixture.

Improvements to the engine include the new ability to roll out of the way and dodge attacks, which gives Clarke an additional, essential means to continue staying alive as he avoids fatal attacks from the deadly Necromorph scourge.

The weapons also have been improved to complement this new ability, with improvements to the upgrade system in particular. Clarke can go as far as to fuse weapons together, allowing for a nearly infinite number of weapons to be created in the game, all of which have different effects. Those without the knack for building weapons from scratch can instead get inspired from many blueprints in the game that introduce already-designed guns to make.

Dead Space 3 is set for release on February 5, 2013 and is certain to retain all kinds of horrific emotion no matter what mode the player engages in.



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