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Hitman: Absolution - Ensuring many enter a state of grace.

by staticneuron

posted May 21, 2012 @ 3:23PM
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There are few games left in the industry that requires strategic thinking and precise movement, but now players get the chance to work their minds all over again. IO Interactive returns to its hit series, Hitman, with the fifth iteration named Hitman: Absolution. Available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, IO looks to close the gap between veteran players who enjoy the skill required to stealthily traverse each level and newcomers who may have a harder time getting into the series without a little guidance.

Veteran players will recognize the familiar gameplay as Agent 47’s first task is to assassinate a particular target—in this case, it’s his former handler, Diana. Newcomers will feel at ease here as the first mission serves as a tutorial to get players better acquainted with the idea of slipping past guards, cloaking with the shadows and getting the one silent shot that will quickly dispose of the target without alerting any of the patrolling units nearby.

Hitman: Absolution offers a number of changes to accompany its familiar gameplay, however. For example, 47 can use a new skill known as Instinct in which he can detect nearby patrolling units and their paths, as well as nearby interactive objects. However, the longer he uses the power, the quicker the Instinct bar depletes, and it won’t regenerate even on Normal difficulty.

The levels are more condensed this time around, but this doesn’t limit opportunity in any capacity. There are hundreds of different ways to destroy a target using over 80 different kinds of weapons and with nearly as many opportunities for targets to meet an unfortunate accident. Opting for the silent route and killing only the target also work in the player’s favor thanks to the returning score system; the better the score, the more “assassin techniques” are unlocked that help 47 get through each level with even greater efficiency.

All in all, IO Interactive was able to introduce some new concepts to entice new gamers to feel at ease but the gameplay still holds onto its traditional, hardcore standards. Due for release on November 20, 2012, Hitman: Absolution is sure to be a hit.

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